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Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

The TPP is designed to prepare students attending the Marin County Office of Education secondary and post secondary programs with the skills necessary to secure and maintain competitive employment.  Classroom teachers provide curriculum and activities designed to prepare the student for employment, including interviewing techniques, resume development, application preparation, appropriate work behaviors and work ethics, appropriate grooming and hygiene, and relevant work practices.  The TPP also provides non-supported employment Job Coaching.  These more intensive services may be provided as on-site support or off-site interventions, such as:

  • Job orientation
  • Job destination training
  • Teaching job tasks
  • Supervision at the worksite
  • Providing assistance to integrate the student into the work environment through natural supports
  • Assistance with public support agencies
  • Family and residential provider consultation
  • Support and counseling necessary to maintain employment

Contact:Cindy Friberg 415.491.6629 -  |  415.491.6621 (fax)