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Oracle Independent Study

​Oracle Independent Study is an alternative to classroom instruction for students whose educational needs cannot be met through traditional programs. Participation in any Independent Study program must be a voluntary choice made by the student and parent/guardian per Education Code 51747c (7). Attendance records are based on the student's completed academic work, which is accomplished within terms and conditions of written agreement or contract rather than as in a traditional classroom with "seat time".  The student's performance is measured by the assignments completed and submitted during the weekly meeting with the certificated teacher.  Each student must be motivated to study independently.  Oracle Independent Study allows students to work at their own pace within the limits of the written agreement.  This model provides a great deal of flexibility and allows motivated students to accelerate their learning.  Many teen parents and working teens find this is the best option for their academic success.

*Should you wish to receive a printed copy of the School Accountability Report Card for this program, please contact
Education Services: 415-499-5870 or

For more information contact:
Program Manager, Katy Foster - |  415.491.0581